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As an independent business owner and music instructor I operate significantly different than the average music shop.

  1. I come to your location so you do not have to drive. Because I don't have a shop my only overhead is my vehicle. This allows me to pass on a significant discount to you. I could charge a lot more for the connivence of doing lessons at your house. Instead I pass the savings on to you.

  2. I have been teaching private music lessons since I was 16 years old. That's 19 years of experience. I have been working full time as a music teacher only taking time off to go to Musicians Institute. 

  3. I do not lock you in to 3 to 6 months of lessons. I let you pay me lesson to lesson the first month. After that you pay month to month. 

  4. I only require 24hrs notice. If you cancel before 24hrs then your lesson gets carried over to the next month.

  5. I take you to the guitar store and help you select a quality instrument. Most of the time I can get you a discount. I do not leave you to get taken advantage of by a music store.

  6. I am the only teacher so you will not get a different teacher every time you come or switch days.

  7. I know how to play 11 different instruments and I can teach you how to transfer from one instrument to another and bridge all the information together.

  8. I teach you from an opposing instrument as soon as possible. If you play Guitar I play Drums/Cajon. This allows you to communicate with other musicians from the beginning. Instead of waiting 5 years or more to play in a band with other musicians. It helps you grow significantly faster because you learn how to play without having to watch someone else's fingers. 

  9. In addition to teaching out of a book,  I have my own teaching method and curriculum I have created from years of experience. I also teach you songs you want to learn from the very beginning. 

  10. If you have children I teach at your house so you can always sit in on the lesson and hear their progress.

Let me tell you a little bit about how the average music lesson shop works.


  1. Most music schools hire inexperienced teachers so they can pay them less. They charge anywhere from $50-$100 or more and pay their instructors anywhere from $10-$25 an hour.

  2. Most shops don't have full time teachers. They do this so they don't have to pay benefits or hire full time employees. It is impossible for their instructors to work full time so they have to work multiple jobs. 

  3. They usually only teach out of a book cause they don't have a teaching method or curriculum of their own. 

  4. Because they own a location/shop they have a very high overhead for rent and have to charge significantly more than an independent music teacher who comes to your house.

  5. You are constantly switching from teacher to teacher because of the turn around at these places. 

  6. The instructors they hire only play one instrument. so they can not teach you how to transfer your knowledge from one instrument to another. 

  7. They try to get you to buy 3 or more months of lessons to get a slight discount. Meanwhile you are locked in to lessons with an instructor you do not like and lessons that make you hate playing music.

  8. I have seen many of these lesson places pop up only to go out of business because they are taking advantage of their clients. 

  9. Unless they own a music store they do not help you select an instrument. It is very easy to buy a horrible instrument that may even come broken.

  10. Cancelation policy's are 3 days to non existent. Meaning you have to pay for lessons even when you go on vacation or are sick.

  11. If you have a child taking lessons you don't get to sit in on the lessons and see if the lessons are working for them.

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