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Hayden is the man.  He had my 7 and 9 year old daughters both playing guitar within their first (2) lessons. A few weeks later they were strumming away and singing Taylor Swift songs. Unbelievable. My kids took a liking to Hayden right away as he is patient, easy going and always encouraging. Hayden is also a great vocal coach, as well as beginner and intermediate drums and Piano. Yep. That's right. My kids rock the drums and keyboard too. Awesome! Our whole family jams now thanks to Hayden. Cheers brother. To a lifetime of music.

Lisa H


About a year and a half ago I was looking for a distraction from video games for my son Ryan who really loves video games and who is pretty shy and introverted. I was thinking that he's really good with those thumbs and perhaps he could be just as good with a guitar. Then we met Hayden (yay).  I explained the situation and Hayden agreed to lessons w Ryan. At first I was thinking this was way too painful as Ryan really didn't want to participate and I figured that Hayden was dreading every second of lessons but  not the case at all. Hayden is always positive and encouraging as he shares his incredible talent and love of music with Ryan.  Ryan has shown progression in his skill, but more importantly, he's opened up so much and expresses himself way more than he did before lessons. I often hear him humming tunes that he is working on with Hayden, he walks around snapping his fingers and displays a greater sense of rhythm.   I am so grateful for Hayden. He is an incredible teacher. He is very patient and allows the student to really develop their technique and understanding of music. Thanks Hayden! You're truly the best!!

Katie S


After a year of working with Hayden, my daughter could not be happier with her musical progress.  Not only has Hayden taught her how to play the guitar, but he also taught her how to play the ukulele...and they always work on her singing voice during their sessions too!  I feel like Hayden is a "one stop shop" with the added convenience of him coming to your home. 

If your child has the interest in learning an instrument, I can't think of anyone I would recommend more!

Natasha M

Hayden's great! I've worked on learning ukelele, guitar,  vocals and a little banjo with him.  He's been able to help me learn technique and theory in a way that's been engaging and fun. He's also able to continually challenge me to move past my musical growing edge. These are really important to me as an adult learner. My 13 year old son is also taking lessons with Hayden, and I feel confident I'm making a valuable educational investment! If you're ready to enhance your life, learn to play music. When you're ready to gain technical skills or move past your inner critical voice, call Hayden!

Ross V


My son Tristan wanted to learn how to play guitar as well as sing. Every other school we took him to only taught guitar or vocals as separate classes with different teachers. Hayden was the only teacher we found who could teach both guitar and vocals in the same lesson. It literally cost us twice the price at the other music schools for two different teachers who were not even 1/2 as skilled as Hayden. He also comes to our home, saving me a drive across town in traffic and an 1hr wait in the music school parking lot. The best part is it sounds like a live band is performing in my living room. Hayden plays a drum called the Cajon while my son plays guitar and sings. From the very first lesson my son Tristan was learning how to play with a drummer. Having drums also made the lessons way more enjoyable for Tristan. 

Before when we dropped Tristan off at the other music school we never heard anything cause they went in to a room and shut the door. So we never really knew if he was learning or not. Eventually he started to loose interest cause they were not teaching him songs he wanted to learn, so he quit practicing. Now that Tristan has been taking lessons from Hayden for the past 5 years, he now plays 4 instruments and sings beautifully. Hayden is an amazing teacher and is worth 10x more than what he charges. I would highly recommend him over any of the music schools or stores we tried in the Pasadena area. You will be glad you chose him too!

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