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Guitar Lessons Pasadena ca, music lesons pasadena ca

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Guitar Lessons Pasadena, CA

From the very first lesson, you will learn complete songs. I will teach you two songs and from those two songs, you will be able to play over 1,000 songs. Because I teach you the common threads that all songs share you will build a repertoire very fast. In addition to this, I will be playing drums for you (in-person lessons only) so you learn to play with a drummer from the very first lesson. Instead of waiting and practicing for years to jam with another musician, you learn how from the very first lesson. This makes the process of learning more enjoyable and more like a musical conversation from the beginning. 


In addition to this, you will learn to play rhythm guitar, riffs, licks, and solos. As well as music theory, ear training, proper technique, music reading, etc. However, a big part of our focus will be on the songs you want to learn. I will show you all the ways you can learn new material outside the lessons. The sooner I teach you how to find information and learn on your own without me present, the faster you will progress. Instead of waiting for me to show up to learn a new song, you will be able to find it on your own 7 days a week. Because you are learning 7 days a week instead of the one day you take lessons you will progress very fast. 

I teach Electric, Acoustic and Classical Guitar. I will help you make a decision on what will work best for you. I will take you to the music store and help you select the best guitar you can get in your price range. In addition to this, I will get you a discount. I have done business with all of the music stores in the Pasadena area and even worked for Guitar Center in the past. 

So if you are looking for guitar lessons and live in Pasadena, ca or surrounding area. Give me a call and lets set up your first lesson. 

Free sample practice schedule.

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