Cancelation Policy

Students are allowed one excused absence per month. An excused absence includes the following criteria:

  • Call or Text by 12:00pm the day before the lesson. Illness/flu and family emergencies ect are excused and may be rescheduled by appointment or carried over to the next month. (see Makeup Lessons below). All other absences (sports, school activities etc.) are not excused.  

  • An absence without sufficient notice may not be rescheduled. 


Student absences may be made up by appointment only. The only way I can do a make up lesson is if someone else cancels. If we are not able to do a make up lessons by appointment then the lesson will be carried over to the next month. 


Payments received on or after the 8th calendar day of the month are considered late. If payment is received on or after the 8th day of the month, a $10.00 late fee will be charged and any discounts for check-ins, payment method ect will not be given. If no payment is received by the next scheduled lesson, the slot will be made available to waiting or new students. Consistent late payment or unpaid late fees may result in termination of services. 


It is assumed that a student absent for 2 consecutive lessons without email/phone communication has discontinued lessons and the slot will be made available to waiting or new students. 

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